10 Things Every Honeymooner Needs to Know

By Karynn Gross, DND Escapes

While weddings are usually a collaborative effort with family and friends, a honeymoon is often the first big decision you make together as a couple. The honeymoon can not only be romantic and reflective of a future life together, it is also recovery time from the wedding. The wedding is so wonderful, but can be very stressful. Here are some tips to ensure your honeymoon is everything you've dreamed of.

Decide on a budget. Whether it's a Motel 6 or a private jet to Fiji with an over the water bungalow, you need to figure out how much you have to spend beforehand.
Discuss your idea of the perfect honeymoon with your fianc̩e. Who likes sports, the sun or a mountain with lots of snow? Who wants to explore an exotic destination or find some historical artifacts? Make a list of the things that mean the most to you and then compare notes.
Pick your destination. If you're on a tight budget keep in mind that many places adjust their rates according to the season. So even though you can't change your wedding date, you might forgo the honeymoon for a few months to save money for the room you REALLY want. For instance, most destinations are less expensive if you travel when school is in session, even if it's an Adults Only resort.
Use a professional travel consultant. Obviously, I believe in them, but they can be invaluable to you. This is a time-consuming detail that can be left to someone else and most do not charge an additional fee for their services. It is a win-win for everyone!
If you are going outside the United States, leave plenty of time to make sure your passport is current and that you have the visas you might need. If any shots are required, get them well before your wedding.
Protect your privacy. This is especially important if you have a destination wedding, where guests want to stay with you as long as possible.
Take more money than you think you will need. This is where an all-inclusive resort could be ideal. Since they usually include your food, lodging, activities, drinks, transportation, gratuities, and even more, this could be an option to pursue.
Schedule time to do nothing at all. While it's great to know you have plenty of options in terms of things to see and do, this is, after all, YOUR honeymoon.
Ask a lot of questions. Any good travel consultant should encourage questions. This way there are no surprises and you feel secure in your decision on a fantastic honeymoon. There are NO dumb questions!
Try to remain relaxed and somewhat flexible. If something isn't available there is a reason for it. Everything in the travel business happens for a reason. Trust me, some things are just meant to be and others aren't worth worrying about!