Guest Welcome Bags: What to Include for a Great First Impression


Here are some favorites to include for weddings in sweet, Southern Tallahassee: 1. A welcome note from the two of you. Present an excited, grateful vibe and let them know you're so happy they made it! 2. If guests will be traveling to your town, include a quick list of some of your and your fiance's favorite local spots. These can be places to grab a quick bite, must-see attractions, shopping spots and if it applies, the place the two of you met! 3. Visitor's Guides or fun local publications. Most local visitor's centers will let you request large quantities if you do so far enough in advance. 4. Sunscreen. A no-brainer for weddings in the sunshine state! 5. Some local sweetness. The Cake Shop in Tallahassee or Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Ga. are fantastic places to find local honeys, jams, jellies and syrups (and to grab a cupcake or other local treat to reward yourself for all the hard work you've been doing!) 6. Something salty to go with that something sweet. Pretzels, kettle chips or bagged popcorn are always hits! 7. Bottled water. Pick Zephyrhills (from Florida springs) if you can! 8. A mini bottle of champagne to promote a festive mood right away. 9. Tylenol. Your guests will thank you! 10. A stamped, self-addressed postcard. Include a note to have each guest write a little something : advice, well-wishes, a simple hello : and pop it in the mail. Your mailbox will be full of fun notes when you return from your honeymoon! Collect vintage cards that show off your city or state (often found at local museums or visitor's centers) or visit Moo ( for great options!