Saying YES to Your Dress : Tips on how to be a Savvy Shopper

Kristen Barstow, owner of Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most fun parts of being a bride and planning a wedding. But if you're like most brides, the whole process of picking a dress can be a bit overwhelming and you probably have a million questions running through your head. We've put together some basic tips that will help take the stress out of shopping and will allow you to relax, have fun and get the most out of your shopping time.
Before you go:
Determine your overall wedding budget

Make sure you take the time to determine your wedding budget and how much you would like to spend on a dress. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a dress and then realizing that it is out of your price range. By knowing your budget before hand, you won't have to take that risk!

Location, Location, Location!

Knowing where you are going to get married will be a tremendous help in finding the perfect dress. Are you getting married on the beach? In a church? In a barn? In a ballroom? Different venues lend themselves to different dress styles so make sure you have an idea of where you'll be tying the knot.

Do Your Homework

Before stepping foot in a bridal salon, look through magazines to get an idea of what types of dresses you like and don't like. Tear out photos of styles you like and take them with you to your appointment.

Schedule Appointments in Advance

Most bridal shops prefer that you make an appointment to try on gowns. Make sure you call in advance to set up a time to come shopping.

Shopping Day!
So Many Opinions!

Don't overwhelm yourself by bringing 20 different people with you to your appointment. Pick two or three of your loved ones whose opinions you value the most to help you make your decision.

Wear Proper Undergarments

Getting in and out of wedding dresses is hard work. Most bridal shops will have a bridal consultant in the dressing room with you to help you get in and out of the gowns. Make sure you wear a strapless bra and panties that you feel comfortable with someone else seeing you in.

Bring Shoes

Bring a pair of high heels with you that are similar in height to what you would like to wear on your big day.

Be Honest with your Bridal Consultant

Make sure you are up front with your bridal consultant at the beginning of your appointment. By giving her an idea of what styles you like and don't like and what your budget is she will be able to help guide you to the best dresses for you.

Be Open Mined

Trust the experts. While you have gone through magazines and picked out styles that you like, that is only step 1. Trust your bridal consultant when she recommends that you try on a dress that is totally different than anything you've ever considered. More times than not brides surprise themselves and chose a dress that's totally different than they would have imagined.